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Mengtor Quality Grade Introduction

At Mengtor we do 5 Quality Grade to meet our different customer needs.  

1-5(From Standard to Top) 

1. Standard 2. Platinum (ESR) 3. Premium Grade 4. INCELL 5. OEM


Passed Mengtor QC Quality Standard.  A lot of our bulk order customers said our standard quality are far better than other suppliers and its good enough.  Standard quality price are lowest from Mengtor and its defect rate are low as well.  

If customers who requires more... 

Platinum ESR 

1. ESR screens enhanced specular Reflector to enhance screen brightness.  Our Platnimum ESR brand is Tianma, Tianma ESR brighness are superior than other brand ESR screens as it comes with sequins.

2. 360° Polarized: Screen polarized both vertically and horizontally.  Screen can be clearly read through even in polarized sunglasses from every angle.  For most of LCD screen in the market, customer are not able to see anything on the screen when them wearing sunglasses! Our ESR Platinum LCD screen enable customer to use phones and see clearly at any time, any situation, any angle! 

3. The Front Glass Thickness its 0.7mm which its same as original LCD screen.  If the screens are too thick, it might cause press mark problems! Our Screens are perfectly fit on iPhone device with no fitting issue and it is very easy.

4. Low defect rate.  From Platinum ESR grade and above, the defect rate are very low.  

Premium Grade: 

Based on Platinum ESR screen quality, Premium Grade inhanced the screen performance to become same as Original screen.  The price its reasonable and cheaper than OEM screens.  A lot of our customers who are after top standard serive will pick up this quality.  As they want screens to be same as orginal.  


IN-CELL Technology its newest techonology in the screen making market.  IN-CELL technology allows less advanced touchscreen devices, including many smartphones and tablets, tend to have tweo seperate display layers that need to be combined together.  IN-CELL display combines these layers into a single layer, so that screens become thinner and lighter.  Coating: Water drop angle >115°.  Dispaly performace same as Original. 



All made by Original parts